Our life was turned upside down on November 25, 2014 when Jared was diagnosed with DIPG. Jared was a wonderful boy with a kind soul, full of charm with a very contagious smile. His favourite colour was red, his favourite fruit were strawberries. Jared was born with a sweet tooth; he loved watching cooking shows and when invited to a birthday party his first question was “what are we going to eat there?” and not the usual “whose birthday is it?” Jared was a little gentleman who would open the car door for his mother and say “ladies first” with his trademark cheeky smile. He loved to swim, play hockey, soccer and ride his toy car. Jared made it to his 8th birthday on July 30th, unfortunately this disease robbed him of the best years to come. We were so blessed to have such a wonderful child in our lives. Our little superman will be missed by many and will never be forgotten.

Words shared by Simon Benzekri, Jared’s dad.

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