Why is it so important to fund pediatric brain cancer research?

Government funding of pediatric cancer research is less than 4% of total funding and pediatric brain cancer research only gets a portion of this funding. Pediatric brain cancer is now the leading cause of disease related death and your support is needed more than ever to change the survival rate for this disease.

Do I need a Paypal Account to donate?

No, you do not need a Paypal Account to donate. The Paypal payment option is a very secure payment processing platform that provides an option to process your donation either through your Paypal account or most recognized credit or Visa Debit cards.

Why donate to Nelina’s Hope?

We ensure that our admin costs are kept low and the founder supports the majority of admin costs. This ensures that your donated dollars goes to critical research projects. We work with medical professionals to ensure that our dedicated funds go directly to research projects that will advance pediatric brain cancer medical research and/or clinical trials.

Is there a service fee charged when I donate?

Yes, there is a small fee that is charged when you make a donation. Because we are a confirmed registered charity, our rate is lower than normal credit card processing fees.